Our Process

Initial Consultation

We will arrive on time and prepared. First, we listen. We listen to what you have been dreaming about. We want to know all your ideas and thoughts!  We then ask our standard of questions as it relates to pool design, function, aesthetics, features, etc. We will physically layout a general shape of your pool, or two, or three.  We document and take photos of your back yard, electrical panel, gas meter, preferred equipment locations, etc.  


We will digitally create an as built of your back yard including measurements and grade.  Within 48 business hours of our visit, you will receive an Initial Consultation report summarizing the beginning of this exciting experience.


Deep Root Fertilization


Within two weeks of the initial consultation, usually sooner, we will present two or three design options that are thoughtfully created to check all the boxes that are identified during the initial consultation. After receiving initial feedback from you, we will create a final design that will be used for pricing. 


Swimming Pool Design (1).JPG


Once we have a final design, or close to it, we will provide a detailed estimate, which will include break out pricing for options and alternates so we can work to meet your family's budget. 

Flexible Payment Planning


When a design and pricing are approved, we will move forward with the contract.  Payment schedule is.



We will communicate with you regularly to keep you updated as to the schedule and when contractors will be at your home.  We will provide onsite management to ensure safety, cleanliness and construction quality.


Ownership & Operation

We don't need to tell you much here...you know what to do!  ENJOY!  What we will tell you is that we are here for you to assist in anyway we can during the lifetime of your pool ownership. 

Fun in the Pool